Jessica Alley

One adjective to describe me: Adventurous. 

I’m an Art Director that is never afraid of challenges and likes taking chances in my design, with experience in digital and traditional campaigns, social media strategy, email segmentation, web design, broadcast and POP. I enjoy the entire creative process from brainstorming concepts to executing the design with an emphasis on strategy.

I'm a foodie and love being in the kitchen myself. 
I've worked with QSR clients for over 4 years and enjoy making craveable POP kits to appetizing and engaging social calendars that make your mouth water. 

Outside of work you’ll find me outdoors either kayaking with my high energy border collie or hiking new trails. I love being in nature and adventuring what the world has to offer. If I’m not outside I’m either in the yoga studio or at a coffee shop. Every creative needs a good cup of joe.

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